Picture Hanging- How to?



Picture Hanging Tips for the Home Decorator

There are a few rules to observe when trying to hang art in your home and it is surprising how many people always get this decorating task very wrong! I see it all the time when I go to people's homes and it can be avoided if you follow these 5 tips:


TIP 1 : Big walls demand big pictures or a series, a triptych, or a grouping;  small walls are for smaller pictures

TIP 2 : Try to keep all the frames in one are the same material eg all timber or all black frames.

TIP 3 : Get the centre of the main picture or the 'group' to be at your eye height when hung , not above and not below.

TIP 4 : If the frames are all different, try to group them in an organic and mixed way rather that in straight lines

TIP 5 : Take note of colour and subject and try to make pictures 'relate' when they are placed near each other.



There are no rules that you must line up the top of frames with the top of door or window frames! Dont do it!

You dont have to centre a picture on a wall either if it means it looks better there.

Frames that are the same size and shape should always be spaced apart equally in a line, or in a four square.

You can use a big sheet of butchers paper to first plan out how a group of paintings will look- draw on the frame shapes and

hold up the paper plan to see if it works.

There is no rule about hanging a frameless 'canvas' next to a framed print.

Always buy original Art if you can afford it and keep the artist's name and profile safe- for when they get famous!!

Protect Canvas photos and paintings from fading in the direct sun.

Use your imagination and use plates , dresses, tea towels, coasters you've collected or your favourite movie poster as art.

Frame your Art by choosing a frame with a Mat card and do it yourself- its much cheaper!

If the object is thick or is 3-d ( like shells or something that sticks out) you will need a 'box frame".

Memorabilia is valuable and you should consider professional framing for your teams footy jersey.

Family photos look great going up in an angle along a stairwell wall and try to keep them all the same ( eg all black and white)