DECONSTRUCTED KITCHENS- going back to basics!

  • Kitchens are going back to their roots and showing that they are the true workhorse of the family home gone are the sleek lines and appliances hidden away behind sleek cabinets.
  • Kitchens and going raw and organic with even a hint of the country kitchen about them add to that a resurgence in the breakfast room type of eating nook, the kitchen is becoming cooking and eating in one, the formal dining area saved for the special guests!
  • This means that eating areas are forming part of our kitchen structure with seating being added on to long bench tops, drop down table seating, breakfast nooks and built in banquet seating for breakfast.
  • Its bringing the family together at breakfast time.
  • Breaking down the barriers to casual eating in.
  • Bringing back the "homey" comforting style that modern kitchens with sleek lines lack.
  • Get organic. Grow herbs in your kitchen. Get grounded and bring the rawness , the life and soul back into breakfast nooks in kitchens this trend is seriously catchy!