The top Six areas of Home Improvement you are most asked for help on?

So, I'm often asked ,

" what do most people want help with? What sort of house issues do you mostly deal with when a customer asks for help?"

 This question is best answered in the top 6 " what  our customers want most  " ,  bullet points below;



Many of my customers already have a good idea of what they like, or have chosen a few integral pieces but need help to coordinate it all and get a paint colour or two to suit the furniture they may already have. Customers, I find, want to create a "flow" of interior colour and style and are wanting to confirm or refine their own choices. Asking an expert with an objective view, product knowledge and a fresh set of eyes, always helps to clarify a customer's vision of their own home and how they want it to be. Even those with the strongest of design flair and eye for colour, have contacted me in the past as it is so easy to get bogged down in your own ideas and your imagination - so allowing a fresh take on a situation is a revealing way to brainstorm an interior space. The building or renovating process can be so in-depth and involved, there is so much to learn about products- you may never have thought about before! ( an example is toilets; do you want a wall hung, wall faced, back to wall, close coupled or a link suite toilet suite and given the choices - which one of these will actually fit your plumbing that exists in your home?) A choice in a simple toilet suite- may seem so simple to begin with......but so very complicated when the details and the technical aspects are restricted and need to be addressed. Its like fitting a square peg in a round hole!!



Helping customers who are not confident with being a bit daring with colour, who are nervous about using bold colour and / or pattern on their interior walls- these are the customers I help most and do most often. There are those who need some direction on how or where to put colour, to highlight certain areas of the home or use a wallpaper or a specialty paint, to add a special feature or to create "drama" in their home. They need some guidance in choosing colours to suit the mood of each room, (as colour does in fact affect your mood) and at the same time making sure coordinating furnishings also fit the scheme ( eg orange and lime green, tends to go well with Retro design schemes and black and white with "classic" design schemes.)

A lot of my clients and many people in general, do not have the colour confidence to make colour choices themselves- thats why they contact a professional like Essence Interiors to help. Showing people how colour can lift a room, heighten their senses, change or alter their mood and make a room more "restful', 'lively", " passionate" or "calming" can have a huge affect on how the occupants use the room and how a person lives in it. When you allow a person to be creative with colour in their home and show them  that it is ok- the benefits to the home owners are amazing!


The most crucial part of doing any renovation and doing it properly, is having an expert at hand who knows and understands all about the technical details of a renovation- items that need our attention and need to be specified way, way before any work can actually start. This sort of knowledge will stop hold up's, costly product choice mistakes, and poor design by bad misjudgement of the floor plan. Most people are not knowledgable about plumbing, electrical, tiling and cabinetry design and installation and that is fair enough!! So best to get someone who has a general good grounding in all these things to handle it for you. Another important thing is the timing of trades- this is most vital as there is a certain order of trades that just MUST be adheared to or the project will not run smooth. A good project manager, when supervising a job will know all the hiccups that can occur when planning new layouts in kitchens and cabinetry in home renovations. Many technical items, regulations and requirements are always present ( especially in any wet area renovation) - so having an expert who knows what to expect and guide you around what are "fixed" and "variable" options- this is worth its weight in gold and will save the renovator a lot of time , energy and expense in the long run. Budgeting, planning and getting the "bang for your renovation buck" is what the expert advice from Essence will give any renovator looking for help to get their project underway.


My customers are often very overwhelmed by their builder's pre-start requirements when building new homes- the choices are too wide, products too many and the list of things to decide on is way too long - so they can get very confused. Enter Essence Interiors!! When I meet with the pre start client, we can narrow down their choices for them, explain the benefits and the drawbacks of all products, make suggestions, show alternatives and give more options if needed. We can show them the good and bad features in products available and the differing finishes. We give them extra help if they are not getting enough time and attention from their own builder' s in- house service offering- allowing them to make better, more educated and considered decisions about that most expensive of all investments- their new home. Tiles selections is one area we can help a lot in Pre start. With an expert to guide their choices, we can suggest feature tiling, how to use tiles to the best economic advantage, and special design ideas and considerations that they would never think of. Turning a bathroom of tiles from drab to fab!! Just with a little help and inspiration from Essence! As well as tiling, lighting design is another area where an expert can really bring "pazazz" and life into a regular building plan and bring new light on the subject! Having an expert look over the lighting plan the builder gave you- this can make a huge difference in how the home looks and feels in the end- the completed home.... An exercise in illumination! Essence has the skill to make the lighting plan really shine!!


The variations in window dressing these days is so varied that it can be very difficult to make a decision re; what window dressing for what window etc... My customers find that help is required to refine and simplify the choices for form and function, for each room and what is appropriate for each area. This task is quite a feat and takes an expert who knows their windows to work out what is best for each case. What is required in bedrooms is often very different to what is needed in the living areas and the dining or theatre room for example. There are some very simple ways to dress a window and very economical ways, then there are very elaborate treatments that will cost a lot more- finding out what these options are, and then working out what will suit the space and the budget is something that requires help by experts. That's where we come in- Essence provides the advice on blinds and curtains and the suppliers that can help with the manufacturers  and the fabrics to get the job done professionally or to help with ready-made options that will do the job just as well with minimal cost outlay.  We are adept at looking at both options so the best result can be achieved whatever the budget. A good designer can not only help with materials and fabrics for the windows, but also for the coordinating furnishings and upholstery if necessary.


Customers who have never bought original art before or who don't know how to adorn their home with their own personal touch, do need an expert to guide them sometimes and source items for the home that appeal to them.....Art appreciation is a very personal thing, but it can help if the customer knows where to go and look for items  to decorate- art auctions, council art awards, craft fairs, art exhibitions, online home wares retailers and wholesalers- an expert in the industry like Essence Interiors,  can help to procure the items needed to add that special " wow " to a space.........there is so many options from art to personalise photo canvases, commissioned art, sculpture and locally sourced items that the owner really has a sense of attachment to ( this may even be framed memorabilia). Knowing the right picture framers, local artists and the places to go to find decorator items  that don't cost the earth, but look just fantastic.....that's what we are good at- so leave it to us!!  Having completed several display homes and apartments- we know how to get the impact needed to create an impression in any space, in any home. Access to wholesale pricing on furniture, art and accessories is such a bonus to get when you deal though a professional in the business.