Industrial styling for your home


Industrial Style Interiors can be achieved very easily in a home by following just a few guidelines about materials of construction of furniture and homewares.

To achieve the raw and rustic, pared down aesthetic of an industrial interior, the backdrop needs first to be rather plain. Concrete, brick that is exposed, bare plaster, grey walls, black framed windows, peeling paint and stone walls are a good background to this styling theme.

Bring in furniture which appears to have been salvaged from a junk yard, timber that is rough sawn, mixed with iron and steel, other metals such as copper, combine with glass and black and white, rope, hessian, tea chests and old relics, office storage from the past, an old board room chair, blackboard, metal lamps, bunker style lights and overhead tin shades.

The look is New York Loft, warehouse style, very basic and unadorned. Re-purposed pieces of furniture such as a trunk with casters turned into a table, or an old metal filing unit turned on its side as a console. Add some comfort in the form of Armchairs upholstered with news print, stripe or basic bold colour.

Is fun and inexpensive to do Industrial style in your home- so give it a try and hit the junk shops.