Renovation Advice


Advice on Renovating you home

 1. Gather up your patience, save your pennies and look to the future (finished product)

 2. Go on a holiday, take some time out at relatives houses,  or spend time out having dinner at the beach, picnics or out with friends. But make sure you have a functioning kitchen, bathroom and toilet to use whilst living through a renovation. Shower at work or at the gym and take the washing to the laundromat or to Grandmas. Have the barbeque set up outside for cooking and the microwave handy. Plug in your toaster and kettle elsewhere and set up a wash station outside where the garden hose tap is. Rig up an outdoor shower- put up a tent in the yard to store your stuff in or to sleep in. It may get super noisy if you work from home- so get ear plugs and try to avoid noise.

3. Put away, store or remove all small valuable items and ornaments. Move furniture into middle of room or remove non - essential furniture into storage. Someone elses garage may do the trip for storing ll your gear temporarily? Or someone you know may have a spare room, or space in a factory unit or business ?

4. Put up plastic sheeting on doors and door frames to keep out dust and cover floors with rolls of black plastic and duct tape, from Bunnings

5. Cover furniture and clothing with plastic to stop dust, tie it down to legs of chairs etc to secure.

6. Think of how much dirt and dust there might be and double/triple it. (There is always more than you expect)

7. Be organised and plan for the unexpected, such as bad weather, material shortages, more storage needs, labour delays and rectifying unfortunate mistakes.

8. Take down curtains, blinds, light fittings, pictures anything that may get damaged or gather dust.

9. Clean as you go - regular dust removal , vaccuming and wiping over is advised to keep areas clean and dust free.

10. Fence off garden beds/lawns and protect trees and plants - these can be damaged by trucks/skip bins/concrete/plastering and trades going in and out.   Make sure neighbours sprinklers are now damaged by trucks. Park your car in clear space away from construction ( for example across the road) to avoid any damage. Give your project manager clear instructions on how and where Tradies can park so as not to disturb your neighbours and their property.

11.Cover newly installed benchtops, sinks, taps, appliances and glass with cardboard-  Not all tradies are as careful as they should be!!

12.Make sure doors and windows are secured and locked and that you keep a record of who has the keys to your property. Keep a spare key hidden on site or in a "locked key safe". Make sure all pets are taken care of or are secure- make sure they have an ID in case they get loose.

13. Build in a contingency plan - your budget may have to increase due to unforseen circumstances so plan ahead. You may need to live with renovations for longer than expected due to delays or inclement weather, or other issues such as supply of products.

14. We can set up temporary laundry facilities, makeshift kitchens or we can hire a mobile bathroom for you.