Why Choose Us

We can guarantee a smooth renovations project from the start

1. We start with a thorough brief of whats required..

What do you need? What dont you need? Whats on your wish list? What is your Dream Home? what can you afford?

All the while , when you are talking to us and explaining your brief ( or what you actually want to achieve with your project) we are working for you

  • We listen
  • We Planning 
  • We Budget

2. We provide a Full labour and materials quote. We can get 10 tradies or more to turn up and quote on your job, in one day

3. We let you tweak it, the way you want it If you can't afford this, or you dont want that, or what about a spa? How can we do this? We sort out all the changes and adjust the quote. We want you to be perfectly comfortable about the schedule of works before we begin so we dont miss a thing and you are left very happy.

4. You will know what you need to pay us as fees before the renovation starts

This amount wont change no matter how high your renovation costs go. Of course we will try and keep these costs down as much as possible, but if you wish to add or subtract anything, there will be no hefty charge -, no variations, no change in project fee.


Important to note: We dont ask you to move out, or relocate while we renovate for you

But some other companies do, yes, thats right- some companies force you to move out this can be a causes more inconvenience, and more expense, more upheaval and more fuss and bother!!

  • we work around you
  • we keep the mess factor down
  • we let you get on with your daily life
  • we try not to get in the way too much
  • we let you be involved if you want to be
  • we dont make it difficult for you to live at home during renovations